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Karkidaka Monsoon Treatment in Trivandrum

Karkidaka Masam, or Karkidakam Month, is the last month in the traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. The month is also known as the Ramayana Masam – the epic Ramayan is read in the month in homes and temples. 

Two decades ago, Karkidaka Masam used to be one of the difficult months due to heavy rains and floods. Majority of the people depended on agriculture and this month used to be the month of scarcity. With the farm fields flooded, there used to be no work and the economy used to come to a stand still. In some places, due to the rains, it was even hard to venture outside the house. To ward off nature’s fury people used to read the Ramayana in the month. 

Karkidaka Treatments in trivandrum

But things have changed and the there are no heavy rains and agriculture in Kerala. But still people follow certain rituals in Karkidakam month.

Another highlight of Karkidakam month is the specific ayurvedic treatments followed by people. According to our tradition, karkidaka month is considered most ideal for undergoing Ayurveda based body rejuvenation therapies. The body is considered highly receptive to Ayurveda treatments during this period and hence karkidaka treatments aimed at strengthening the body would be more effective.

There are various ayurvedic therapies and diet that is followed during the month of Karkidakam. And these therapies help an individual to go through the rest of the year by having a recharged and energized body and mind. Vegetarian diet is recommended during this period , medicated gruel called karkidaka kanji or oushada kanji (medicinal gruel) is administered at this season. Karkkidaka kanji consists of boiled cereals and medicinal plants. Along with njavara rice, 12 to 24 types of medicinal herbs are used in preparing the gruel. This boosts the immunity and there by regaining our body strength.

Benefits of Undergoing Karkidaka treatment -

  • Detoxify all the pollutants accumulated on our body.
  • Boosts our immunity.
  • Rejuvenate and refresh mind and body.
  • Helps to break down cholesterol.
  • Eases current health problems.
  • Enhances blood circulation.    
  • Reduces muscular tension and pain.
  •  Helps to retain youthfulness.

    Hindusthan Ayurvedic Health Care, Trivandrum started Monsoon karkidaka Treatments . Due to Karkidaka season a special discount of 15% is given to all Ayurvedic Panchakarma massages and treatments.
    We provides special Karkidaka Kanji Kit also.

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