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Weight loss Ayurvedic Treatments in Trivandrum

In our modern world, where appearances are given a lot of importance, overweight simply costs you too much. To lose weight and to keep it off, it is vital that you should be motivated, if you really want to lose weight, and want to improve aspects of your lifestyle. Weight loss just through diet and exercise may not always be possible. Often, you need that extra push to fight fat and get rid of the stubborn last few kilos. Ayurveda, fortunately, has the answer to your problems.

According to Ayurveda, the food we eat is converted into energy and the toxins are removed from the body. However, if we do not use our body efficiently, these toxins are not removed in their entirety. Instead, these toxins accumulate and then wreak havoc on your body. Ultimately, they cause fat to accumulate in the body as well. This fat is stubborn and refuses to budge – no matter how much you exercise or control your diet.

Ayurveda believes that only a healthy body houses a healthy mind. So if your body is not healthy, your mind is not healthy either.

Weight loss treatment in Trivandrum

Causes of Excessive Weight or Obesity?

Obesity is caused due to many factors. However, our lifestyle and irregular eating habits are the two main causes of obesity. Simply put, if your caloric intake is more than the calories you expend in a day, the excessive calories are converted into fat and stored for later use. However, since you continue to burn less calories than you consume, you may end up overweight. There are other causes of obesity as well. These are:
  • Medical conditions such as thyroid disorders
  • Overeating due to emotional disturbances
  • Depression
  • Genetic constitution and
  • Metabolic disorders.

Ayurvedic treatment for Weight Loss

Ayurveda has different types of body massage with herbal oil for removing the excess fat from the body. There are internal and external medicines administered to control weight gain.
Internal medicines includes - medicines to instigate proper digestion and metabolic activities of the body, herbal food supplements tablets which is Natural and herbal way to remove excess fats, Herbal Juices, organic diets etc.
External medicines includes - Udwardhanam, which is one of the best method where massage is done with powders of medicines The powder is rubbed forcibly on the body in upward direction and heat the body/ Steam bath thereby removing the excess fat accumulated on the body.
Vasti - which means medicated enema,  It washes out all your toxins through the digestive tract. Vasti is very effective for constipation, chronic fever, sexual disorders, kidney stones, piles, backache, and hyper acidity. 

Weight loss ayurvedic treatment in Trivandrum

Weight loss ayurvedic treatment in Trivandrum Kerala

Hindusthan Ayurvedic Health Care, leading Ayurvedic treatment centers in trivandrum ,offers weight loss package with Vasti, udwardhanam etc for minimum 28 days.We recommend you to have treatments of minimum 28 days because sudden reduction of the weight will affect the working of your body.

Ayurvedic Weight loss package Package includes: Abhyangam, Udwardhanam, dhanyamla dhara ,kizhi, Vasti & Swedanam,special diet, exercises and yoga.

We helps you to -  lose your weight rapidly and safely, Improved muscle tone and body shape, Drop bad cholesterol and increase the good ones, Better sugar level control if you are diabetic.
The course of packages and the cost could be worked out after the consultation with the doctor.


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